COURT-ART - Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) and adidas Basketball present CAMH COURT

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) and adidas Basketball present CAMH COURT, the first-ever playable basketball court in an art museum, commissioned and designed by renowned Houston-based artist Trenton Doyle Hancock. 

The main court is designed to conform to CAMH”s Brown Foundation Gallery’s parallelogram shape while matching the dimensions of a regulation court. Displaying Hancock’s vivid imagination are striped Bringback characters and bright illustrations which are spread all along the floors, walls, and entrance.

“Hancock’s shows have continually been some of the most celebrated in the institution’s almost 75-year history. His work creates new worlds for audiences to explore, and CAMH COURT offers an extension of this, again welcoming audiences into a space of fantasy and play,” writes the show description.