Nines Wellness Bookclub - The Teleomere Effect by Elizabeth Blackburn, Phd and Elissa Epel, Phd

What exactly constitutes a 'healthy' lifestyle? It can often seem that there is a long list of things you ought to be doing, which can make changing old habits hard, especially during lockdown when it feels like I'm never doing enough: too anxious, terrible sleep, and focusing on all the things I haven't achieved by the end of 2020.


Many factors contribute to why people age differently. This book focuses on the protective caps on our chromosomes, called telomeres, similar to the tips of shoelaces that stop them fraying. Looking after our telomeres can preserve or even restore those caps to slow the effects of aging.


We started nines with a belief that accessibility to improve our healthspan should have no boundaries: no matter your ethnicity, your background, your age, or where you live. This book provides a simple manual for how to live younger and longer, how to make better choices individually and socially, reminding us that the people in our lives and our communities are interconnected with our overall health.


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