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The Most Important Padel Shots

The Most Important Padel Shots

Padel shots have something in common with tennis shots, but it would be a big mistake to think that they are all the same.

If you are approaching this wonderful sport, it may be useful to learn something about the main padel shots and what they are used for.

Padel Shots


Let’s put it straight: padel’s serve is not as important as tennis’ serve, because it is performed differently. Instead of hitting the ball from above before it hits the ground, you have to let it bounce on the ground and then hit it before it goes above the waist. Therefore, the resulting shot is much less effective.


The most famous padel shot. It consists in hitting the ball near the net and quickly drawing back, in order to prepare for the next shot.


A shot inbetween the bandeja and the smash, very useful to define a point or press your opponent.


A classic shot, made with the “front” of the pala (or racket).


Another classic shot, made with the “back” of the racket.

Globo or Lob

The globo, similarly to the tennis’ lob, directs the ball in the air, so to let your opponent advance to the net, or to overtake him, if he is near the net.


One of padel’s most important shots, consisting in hitting the ball on the fly near the net. It often results in a point.


Padel’s most powerful shot, it consists in hitting the ball in the air with all the strength you have.